Do I Need a Credit Card to Rent a Car?

Car rental makes it easy to get around Orange County when your personal vehicle is unavailable for one reason or another. People rent cars when they take business trips, while on vacation, and after accident that sends their cars to the shop, among other occasions. There are many vehicles to choose from to rent, with rental periods of 24-hours available.

At one time, renting a car meant that you needed a credit card and oftentimes, a large deposit available on the card. Things have changed in modern times and now, you can get cash car rentals orange county ca without a card needed. More and more people are shying away from credit cards because they’re trying to get their credit in order. As such, car rental agencies are making it easier to get a car when you need to rent.

You must be at least 21 years of age to rent a car. This is true for most car rental agencies in the area. There are extras that you can add-on to the rental if you’d like. Sometimes you can get free GPS thrown in, but sometimes it costs extra. Other features such as satellite radio are also available. These add-ons are optional and you’re under no obligation to purchase them.

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Do not worry if you need to rent a car but are without a credit card. You are not alone and car rental agencies are making things easier for you! People rent cars without a credit card every single day and you can be one of the next to take advantage of that opportunity. Take a look at the cash rental car options and drive off in the ride that you need for your time in Orange County.